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Womens Jeans
(26-03-2016, 04:38 PM)Wannabe Wrote: Women's jean sizes vary ridiculously from brand-to-brand, year-to-year and even within a brand. Also the shape of the fit varies a lot. The same can be said of men's jeans, actually. Your best bet is to go to the store and try them on, looking your self over in the mirror. Take a pocket hand mirror so you can see the fit from the rear, too. I can safely state for experience that you don't want to try to buy jeans online. Go to the store.

I'm replying to my own post here because I'm eating my words and revising my advice a bit. While I think it's generally ideal to try jeans on in the store, you don't always have that opportunity. And, of course, if you're presenting as male it can look a bit awkward in public. I have decided to experiment with online shopping of difficult fit things like jeans and shoes just to see if it's practical. I've researched a couple of dozen online stores and diluted them to the following list, which passed the following criteria:

* Well reputed dealer
* Good product selection (& some moderate prices)
* Sell both mens and womens clothes (etc.)
* Free returns

Free returns is the big catch with online stores and most online sellers do not offer them. But I figure in buying things like jeans and shoes I'm almost certain to need to return some things, so I'd rather not pay postage to do so.

After all was said and done I currently have only 5 winners, but they've got a lot of stuff:

The Winners:
Asos + + + +
Foot Locker + + + +
Gap/O.Nav/Ba + + + +
Macy's + + + +
Zappos + + + +

A few of Losers:
Penny's + + + x
Forever 21 + + + x
Oakley + + + x
Uniqlo + + + x
Urban Outfiters + x + +
Boohoo ? ? ? x
Am Apparel + x + ?

I even eliminated megaseller Amazon, though they do offer free returns on designated items. Returns must be dropped off at a UPS location, otherwise it costs $6 to have it picked up.

Anyway, I thought you folks might benefit from my research here. I'll keep you updated on my progress as I buy some things.
I've been wearing womens jeans since my teens, always found that they fitted and looked far better on me than mens jeans!
Way back then I had no choice but to go into the shop and ask to see if they would let me try them on and I would have to say that even back then most shops were fine, OK sometimes it was a bit of cloak and dagger sneaking me into a changing room or I had to take them to the mens changing rooms if they had a mens dept. 
As I always present as a man, so when I shop I tend to make sure I look as male as possible rugby shirt, jeans/skirt/leggings and some decent footwear, if that makes sense.
I find nowadays most shops don't care, a sale is a sale!

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