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large wide brava domes for sale
Hi there! I just bought a second hand brava system and it came with two sets of domes! One of the sets is brand new/ totally unused and im selling this set to try and get some of the money back that I paid for the system. I only need one set so want to sell the other. Im offering money back guarantee on this product. Domes are perfect and unuused, plastic sheet/seal still on sticky side (see pic). The size is large wide. Asking $350 aud for them not inclusive of postage..these sell for $700 new so your getting an amazing deal! Brava domes give the best swelling and shape of all vacuum therapy domes. They are tear drop shaped and very roomy giving 360 degree pressure all around the breast. They are also the rolls roice of comfort with squishy silicone rims. U can wear them for many hours everyday months on end with no risk of indentation to the skin.. I thought of switching to bosom beauty domes to save money but now I've tried brava domes I cant get myself to use any thing else . Definitely worth the investment! Domes on there own are hard to come by so snap these up! Payment is through PayPal. Pm if ur interested!

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Im putting the price down to $300

I honestly thought there would be buyers jumping over each other to buy these domes!! i really need to sell them asap. I bought the system thinking Id quickly be able to sell the extra set of domes and get some of the much needed money back that i spent on it... but so far noone interested Sad so Im bringing the price down to $300.

Hopefully someone takes advantage of the good deal?? I remember last year I was trying to find large wide domes, as I started out on the mediums. They were soooooo hard to find. I was forced to pay $500 on a second hand set that were well worn (although the seller did lie and told me they were barely used, but thats another story...)

The listing expired on ebay so its relisted, here is the new link

It's only the domes, isn't it?
yes domes only- with original drying rack and storage box. if you need a full system these can be used with an air lock as opposed to a sport/smart box. i hear alot of people do this. airlocks can be bought quite cheaply through noogleberry. personally i prefer sport/smart box then airlock- but you can always keep an eye out on ebay to see if anyone sells one just on its own. sometimes people do.
also- in case you missed it- these are brand new unused domes!!! domes are the most expensive part of the system to purchase (upward of $700 AUD when bought seperately) and probably the most important part of the system to be in good condition as they make contact with your skin for so many hours during brava cycles.

still not sold Sad relisted it again, hoping i get a buyer soon...
(16-06-2014, 04:14 AM)universallove Wrote: still not sold Sad relisted it again, hoping i get a buyer soon...

Do you still have the wide large Brava domes for sale?

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