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The Quick Toxin Flush for NBE


(16-11-2014, 11:14 PM)ELLACRAIG Wrote:  D have you covered a "gentle" gallbladder flush? Some natural way to dissolve gallstones?
Given we are all increasing our fat intake while on nbe.
Much appreciated.

I like these suggestions,

The gallbladder sufferer should drink several tablespoons of the mixture with several tablespoons of olive oil every fifteen minutes until the citrus mixture has been consumed. Warming the liver area with a hot water bottle or sitting in a hot bath may stimulate the bile ducts to dilate, making the stones easier to pass.

Herbal Treatments
Chinese medicines used for the natural treatment of gallstones include rhubarb and mirabilitum to promote the expulsion of stones. These treatments relax the sphincter, encourage digestion and increase the flow of bile, all of which should help gallstones pass out of the body. Other Chinese herbal treatments focus on shrinking the gallstones in order to make them easier to pass in a natural manner. Chinese herbal treatments may take a single day to several months to work.

Gall bladder problems start when calcium, cholesterol and bile salts build up inside the organ, causing inflammation and swelling. It is also accompanied by pain, which is very discomforting. There are also cases where bacterial infection is involved.

Among the foods that you should avoid in a diet for gallbladder issues are:

foods full of saturated fat – like bacon, sausages, pork, ribs and salami
dairy products – which include milk and cheese

Once again many thanks to you Lotus, detoxing is definite an area that I've overlooked.
So useful in many ways and for many good health reasons to.
I'll take my time reading it in full.

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