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My program
Hi Im a 45 yr old healthy male who is trying to overcome T and develop an unmistakably feminine body...

Im posting here hoping anyone with experience at this will read it and offer advice or encouragement... And of course Im hoping for results that might inspire someone else who is interested in this and they find this and read it in the future...

I have a lot of free time and Ive read almost every post on this entire section for malesRolleyes Thank you to all that have come before me for putting this info out thereSmile I think it will also help me to be able to document this all and be able to look back and see what I was doing...

I started with Ainterol PM capsules from 2000-4000 mg about 2 months ago and Im starting to see noticeable growth but Id like a lot moreBig Grin

I have settled in at what I estimate to be 3000-3500 MG PM, Im using the powdered version now and Im taking 5-6 heaping little spoonfuls a day evenly spaced throughout the day.... It says 1 spoonful with the little spoon that comes with the powder is 250 MG so I heap in what looks like would be twoHuh

I usually just dump it in my mouth and take it with water, I did try the liquid extract under the tongue and I guess Ive acquired a taste for this stuff LOL I do use that instead sometimes in the morning instead of powder and I like to put it under the tongue for a while....

So on to AA's

I started right off with spearmint capsules and I take one of those with every dose of PM, at 400 X 5-6 daily, 2000-2400 MG

I added Chinese Skullcap about three weeks ago at the same 2000-2400 mg but I did not like how it made me feel and it seemed to make me very hungry and Im trying to loose weight so Ive cut back and settled in at 800-1200 MG a day and that is much better...

I have tried licorice root caps at 450 mg one a day and I do not like the feeling I get from those... I do have a cup of licorice tea every morning though, love that stuff...

Early on I tried Saw Palmetto extract (berry) , 320 MG a few a day, but it has 30MG zinc 200% RDA which is supposed to raise T probably why when I took it I noticed my body hair and beard go nuts so I stopped that but I will be looking for some SP thats pure and adding a bit...

I have tried Source Naturals brand progesterone cream but I only use that if my little girls dont seem sore or I have a PM headache... It seems to help both get back on track with just a once a day application and massage on the girls...

I also take a womens multi vitamin, 1200 mg calcium pill, and 2000 IU vitamin D...

So we have...

3000-3500 MG PM
2000-2400 MG Spearmint caps
800-1200 Chinese scullcap
and licorice tea...

Hi LittleMissS,
That's a very serious program you are taking and with the little I know you should see some serious progress.

Interesting you point out about SP, I was reletaviely hair free on my body, arms and legs until I started taking it. I now have a small amount of hair under my arms, legs and very fine ones on the arms themselves ! Not impressed but it does help with keeping the dreaded 'T' down.

Nice to hear from you again.

Not sure if it does or not but I am gonna try some If I can find it pure next time I get to the store... But it seems to be working pretty good as is so maybe just leave it aloneSmile
OK so I decided to try weighing a typical spoon full of PM with my gunpowder scale... Its extremely accurate but it measures in grains....

A typical loose powdered PM dose Ive been taking weighs 6 grains...

An online conversion calculator says 6 grains is 389 mg... 389 X 6 = 2334 mg

So I guess I can up the PM from where Im at now and Im not on as much PM as I thought I was...
Ive also stopped the Chinese Skullcap, dont like how it makes me feel...
That stuff increases my appetite, no good for me because I want toi loose weight....

I have been doing one a day 450 mg licorice capsule instead.... Also every other day once a day Source naturals progesterone cream applied to my girls....

So we are obviously gonna need a bigger spoon RolleyesBig Grin

I mean it gets kinda nutty having to constantly take these little spoon fulls of PM like some kind of fiend LOL

Nice little stainless 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon leveled off= 12 grains...

That converts to 777 mg PM X 4 = 3108 mg...

So thats gonna be the new planSmile

3108 MG PM
2000-2400 MG Spearmint caps
450 MG licorice, one a day so far but I may cut back on that...
Every other day PG cream

But maybe not so fast.... My PM addled little head decided it might be useful to empty a 500 mg capsule and weigh it, brilliant!!!Rolleyes

So the PM powder in in one 500 mg capsule weighs 5.5 grains... That converts to 356 mg....

So to get the equivalent of 6X500 PM caps I need 33 grains PM powder...

So 3 leveled 1/4 teaspoons = 36 grains or just a bit more PM powder than 6 500 mg capsules...

Roughly what Ive been taking...
OK since my last post Ive been taking a lot of PM Id guess 4000-5000 mg, hard to know with the little spoons Huh

I seem to have stalled a bit so Ive cut back and the growth sensations are coming backSmile

So back to about 3000 mg PM

2400 mg spearmint

Around 2000 mg Chinese Skullcap

And 450 mg licorice root

I will soon be going on doctor supervised HRT though should my lab work come back OKSmile

I went yesterday morning for the following with my new doctor, she will be prescribing HRT with informed consent as long as the following comes back OK, I should find out next weekSmile

Luteinizing Hormone
Testosterone (total)
CBC Auto Diff-MA
CMB (complete Metabolic Panel)-MA
Lipid Panel-MA

Gonna be interesting to see how all this comes out as a healthy 45 yr old male thats been on all this NBE for a week shy of three months nowSmile

Don't be surprised if your bloodwork shows low E despite the PM. PM does not show up in bloodwork, usually, because it is Miroestrol rather then normal Estrogen. The affect is the same but they don't test for it's presence usually.
Despite three and a half years on high doses of PM, and substantial breast growth, my bloodwork did not show any E to speak of at all .... until after a month on Estradiol. Rolleyes
I'll keep that in mind Samantha, I will however be very surprised if T is anywhere near normal... I can tell you despite my GF's best attempt last night he just wasnt working (and I actually wanted him too because I think E2 and AA's will totally kill function and I kinda wanted a last hurrah) and I could not have a "male" O, a first Blush

I just hope everything else comes out OK, I cant see how it wouldnt because aside from severe ED (doesnt really bother me at all though) I feel great....

I did tell the doc what I was taking, my intentional hope to kill T, my sore little girls, and improved skin and moodWink She noted my little growing boobies, but said she didnt know anything about NBETongue

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