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my journey for breast enlargement
(02-01-2019, 12:01 AM)Stevenator Wrote: Your gains were all from HRT? 
You look great! I’m on BO/PM.
Color Me Jelly.

Yes real growth after hrt and anti adogen . 

Warning = you will have erectile problem and no liquids to ejeculate .

I didn’t worry as had ed anyway
I’d like to go on HRT, but I really can’t any time soon.
(02-01-2019, 03:01 AM)Stevenator Wrote: I’d like to go on HRT, but I really can’t any time soon.

You can achieve same results from herbs but at slower rate .
It is a healthier option.
All you need is estrogen,progesterone and anti endrogen .
I’m on BO right now. I’m really impressed with your results! 
You went so long with very little growth. You have such pretty boobs now!
@MyBoobs - I agree with Stevenator.  HRT and AA has really caused a growth spurt for you and your breasts are beautiful.  I too am still on BO (2000 mg/day) and in 2 weeks will hit the mythical 6th month mark.  I can tell that I am in the early stages of budding, and any other changes are so subtle that they are hardly worth mentioning.  I can go 3 days without shaving and my body fat is redistributing.  Mentally, I am becoming more emotional. But there is an amazing feeling from the realization that I am finally becoming my authentic self.  As I read the posts, there are large number who go from BO/PM to pharma HRT.  I see that happening to me because you simply want more and more.

My boobs
Oh wow gorgeous wow
All I can say is I

Wish your boobs were my boobs



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