Sexual orientation??


I found out I liked boys when I was 16. Mother sent me to a teen dance. I wore a flirty skirt, heels and a really low cut top and a push up bra. Even at 16 I had natural C cup breasts. I loved it when the boys stared at my cleavage. Don't understand why this bothers some women. Anyway it was not long before a boy invited me out to his car for a whiskey. His hands were all over me and I had a hard time keeping my legs together. In short order he had my bra pulled down and he was fondling  my breasts- which I loved. Anyway he soon had the most enormous ejaculation I ever saw- all over him, the car and me. I LOVED having that effect on men.

I am a Nonbinary Bisexual, Mx They Them.

For me, nothing changed. But I have figured stuff out better than ever.

I thought I was straight, then I thought I was bi, then I figured out I'm pan and also demi. I used to be sex + masturbation + porn obsessed when I was young. It was absolutely sick. Unhealthy, not good for my mental health at all. I used to fuck everything that opened its legs. It was stupid, hollow and empty. The best sex I've had has always been in long relationships and those expeirences have always been almost solely lesbian...

Even my first real deal girlfriend back in day, it was so totally lesbian relationship. In hindsight its all so obvious.

Men disgust me. They're fun to have sex with, but there's a lot of stuff about men that is just plain disgusting. And sex with guys is fun but its one dimensional and boring after a while. Also most men hate me, ghost me, reject me the moment I spill the beans about being trans. I do not stealth date men as that would be scary af. I was also assaulted and kinda "soft" raped year and half ago. Imagine how that made me feel about men? What happened to my cynicism and interest to have anything to do with the pigs.

Right now I'm totally demi and T4T. Semi androgynous trans women are really attractive to me. I mentioned it elsewhere that I have a new girlfriend, I'm going on a date with her this weekend for the first time and I'm so excited. She's adorable and attractive as can be, she's super cute, slim and graceful and she's got the prettiest long legs. I haven't seen many girls with nipples like hers. She's a hottie. Hug Women win hands down for me in everything. Especially transwomen for mutual understanding and with them I don't need to feel ashamed of my body either.

In my 20’s - 40’s I was so bisexual that I thought was gay. I jumped at every opportunity for gay sex. It was basically because I got tired of chasing women and putting up with their hard to get games and other mental bullshit games that females love to play. I still adored women, but I was so hyper sexual at that time, that I went for the easy nut.

In my late 40s I finally got a handle on how to treat women, and all of a sudden they started throwing their panties at me. I had more pussy than I could handle.

So NBE/HRT did not change my sexuality. I still do all the hard work associated with owning a homestead farm and I still shoot my guns, although while wear a bra & skirt now.

Yes and no for me.

I feel I always have been on the asexual side with sexual orientation. However, since starting on injections last December, I've really started to develop a romantic attraction to guys. It can be a bit random at times like "this guy is cute" or "I wish I had a boyfriend I could snuggled with." My attraction towards women on the other hand have gotten a bit more complicated. Pre-HRT, it was far easier for me to consider my attraction to women as being romantic. Now it's like "is this romantic attraction I'm feeling, or is this just a platonic sisterly bond?"

I have not had lower surgery nor will I ever. Sex for me is now with gay men. They tell be they love to have a good looking woman on their arm when they go out to clubs, but have a  penis in the bedroom when they get home. Works for me.

When I was around 20 I feared I might be gay, which in those days (the 1960s) was like a terrible fate. But I am strongly attracted to women emotionally and sexually. I’m on my second marriage and have not had a same sex experience since my teens, and it didn’t make much of an impression on me. Oddly, it was my second wife’s pleasure in giving me fellatio that awakened in me the desire to suck a penis. I told her that and she understood. I have an email buddy in Spain who is dying to suck my breasts. He is a thirty- something virgin, and I do fantasise about what that might be like. But Spain is far away…

I should start off by saying that I'm in the early stages of transition and still see myself as male.

I believe NBE/estrogen has changed my sexual orientation. For many years I was a breast obsessed hetero and I remained that way after several years of on again/off again experimentation with NBE, but after 2 years of consistent estrogen use I find that the boundaries on what I find attractive have started to blur. 'Caring is sexy' that's a phrase that often gets repeated in my mind so that when my male (or maybe trans) dental hygienist was especially considerate I found myself feeling attracted to him. I've always been a sensitive soul and that side of me has been growing ever since I started this journey so in this regard I guess I'm more demisexual now. I want someone, anyone, who I can meet on the same emotional level.

But there's more than that going on...I'm also finding parts of the male body sexually attractive like the lower stomach/pelvis area and that's new. The idea of passionately kissing a guy is something I'm still getting my head around but I think it's possible though the type of men I'm attracted to are decidedly androgenous. I have trouble picturing myself with any muscular macho types. 

Then again over the past year as I commit to transitioning I've become open to a relationship with another trans so I guess that makes me pansexual? 

With all that said my actual experience has been 100% hetero but there have definitely been some interesting mental changes.

Before bi male nudist breast lover on me and others. Anal lover. After nbe bi nudist nonbinary breast and penis lover. Anal lover. Large parts lover.

i love everything feminine, especially if its a feminized male. not attracted to the maleness of men but like a good dick, no matter on what gender it is. as part of my feminization i am fulltime locked in chastity and commited to a pussyfree, non-erection lifestyle. so i only have lesbian sex with women.

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