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1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 12-02-2024

Hi everyone 

Been on PM one month now, 500mg morning and evening, just PM, nothing else. Have seen the usual expected results (from what I’ve read) smoother softer skin, fingernails seem to be Smile growing better, nipples are more tender and seem to be erect most, if not all of the time and there does seem to be a hardness behind the nipple that wasn’t there before, it’s only small but it’s definitely there. 
Just ordered my second bottle and thinking of adding Red Reishi. 

Some photos added of as I am now. 

Lucy  Smile

RE: 1 month - Cindy39 - 12-02-2024

Looking good. I am 2 weeks in on PM. I took a 4 day break from PM due to a bad cold and gout attack. Keep up the good work  Smile

RE: 1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 12-02-2024

Thanks Cindy 
Hope you’re feeling better soon xxx

RE: 1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 24-02-2024

Quick update from starting position to now, only 6 weeks Blush

RE: 1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 24-02-2024

Quick update from starting position to now, only 6 weeks Blush

RE: 1 month - endy - 24-02-2024

Wow, you can see some definite progress! This is making me excited to start, keep it up

RE: 1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 25-02-2024

Thank you 
Yeah I was kinda surprised myself when I put the pics next to each other. When you look everyday in the mirror you don’t see any difference but when I saw the pics it was like a ‘wow’ moment. 
That’s only 6 weeks. 
My nipples are very tender and I have lumps forming behind them.

RE: 1 month - Karen Hart - 25-02-2024

Excellent results so far...

Just for clarity, you say you are not using any other NBE products, right? No AA's, right?
Also, what brand of PM are you using? This is important knowledge to pass along.

Very happy and excited for you!
Karen  Heart

RE: 1 month - Lucy_nwuk - 25-02-2024

Hiya Karen

I’ve just added Red Reishi, I’ve been on that for less than two weeks. 
The PM is off eBay, a U.K. seller ‘Pueraria U.K.’ and their product seems to work, well for me it does. 
I mentioned in another thread I did PM a few years ago for around 4 months, but things have happened much quicker this time. It kinda caught me by surprise 

Lucy xxx

RE: 1 month - BuddingB - 26-02-2024

You are off to a great start! It's always interesting that for some it can work quickly and for others, maybe not at all.