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Full Version: PM Powder dosing
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I decided I'd like to try the Ainterol brand of PM.  I see they sell capsules that are specified to be 750mg.  They also sell the powder in bulk.  I'm wondering if the capsules actually contain 750mg of powder so I could use that amount of powder.  Or is the 750mg some calculated amount based on some ratio that often gets used with extracts.  I would think that if the capsules actually contain 750mg, they would need to be pretty large capsules.

Has anyone actually weighed the capsules to confirm how much is in there?

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I may have sort-of answer, o at least an opinion regarding this matter:
- I have never weighed the capsules, because I never ordered those. Instead I bought the powder. And I have a calibrated scale with 1 mg resolution.
- It should be realistically possible to pack 750 mg PM powder to a capsule, but it has to be compressed well. And the shell has to be likely 000 -size, which is the largest normally used. I have made own capsules of size 00 and it is easy to get 400 mg in them, and with good packing effort up to 500 mg of content. That makes the total "00"-capsule wight to be up to about 640 mg. Therefore I believe those sold capsules are filled with "real" powder. That is also supported by producer's claims to not to use anything else than dried and ground PM tubers.
- I am myself using Ainterol M powder, and it seems to work using similar dosage as what people have reported when taking capsules.

Therefore I think you can assume that 75 mg powder is equivalent of one 750 mg capsule
(17-03-2023, 06:40 AM)Teddy Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the info, Teddy.  It's helpful to hear that the powder is likely identical to what's in the capsules.
Just tried, my scales only have a 1g resolution, 10 capsules register as 6g.