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Full Version: Ainterol PM 500 mg Review
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Heart WOW  Heart and very easy to order! 
 Since I am a relatively new member, I will elaborate upon my PM experience. I have been taking PM in the pink label bottles sold off Amazon for about the last five years. I do have results BUT...I am at a point in my life whereby I wish to go to the next level. I just retired (61yo) and I am now presenting and dressing 24/7. Unless one is of this age group it is hard to comprehend just how scarce transition information was back in the 1970s and 1980s. 

I have frequently seen the recommendation of others who only consume Ainterol and I was worried about ordering from overseas. I was ready to dump PM BUT at my age alternatives are severely limited. Another member posted a link to Ainterol USA and being from Canada I just knew that this was my opportunity. I ordered 3 bottles (300 capsules x 500mgs) from the US site. It was on sale 38% off.. the price was very reasonable.
Upon order processing I was dismayed to see that the order was being shipped from Thailand directly as I had assumed that it was coming from New York state. This turns out to be no problem at all.. atleast in Canada as the product arrived at my house in 10 days clearing customs without any paperwork or taxes.. just regular mail.

Of course I was so very excited upon receipt of my estrogen...I mean Puerifica Mirifica (Ainterol) and I immediately took my first capsule. I am writing to inform everyone that I can definitely feel the difference between this real pure PM and the generic pink bottles. A week on I am feeling the estrogen in my body beyond all doubt. My breasts (44B) are full and my nipples are front and centre sensitive to the cold and touch. I continue with my Red Reishi AA(3x500mg). I occasionally take licorice. PM is feminizing me in every way with the fat redistribution on my rear area and hips, my waist has narrowed although this is largely due to the years on pm. I was at one point a 44 waist, but I am currently a 36 and yes everything masculine has shrunk.. dramatically because of my duration on PM. Honestly I just love being able to wear regular sized female clothing.
I am enjoying the new experience of feminine emotions..I am sad and happy crying depending upon the moment. My wife has noticed that I am displaying more feminine gestures etc. This is amazing stuff! remember I am not a newbie to PM. I can see why it will beyond all doubt lead me to HRT unless of course my age is a problem in which case this is definitely going to be my hormone regime.

I just wanted to let everyone know that you simply must give this a try..I was scared of customs etc but now it is clear to me that this is my preferred source.
Thanks to everyone who has previously suggested this product. 5/5 rating

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Dear Jessica,I am glad to read how you succeeded to reach your goal of femininity and to feel happiness with your new body (and mind)!

Yes, indeed, I bought Ainterol from site and it was also sent from Thailand. (The main difference was that in Sweden I had to pay some tax and handling fee, but not too much)

I would like to ask you how much of Ainterol you have taken every day, and how long, to reach the visible results you are describing? You see, I am also taking Ainterol and Red Reishi and trying to balance between "good effect" and risk of over-loading my liver. I notice some development on my breasts, but body fat redistribution doesn't seem to happen on my 800mg of PM +1500mg RR per day orally +some PM tincture on my breasts and hips twice a day. So far I'm maybe 42A or even only 42AA (And I'm now planning to go for 1000-1200mg PM, and target getting B-cup size).

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