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Full Version: Rx drug I'm considering
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I'm contemplating this 4 extra decrease in T , would this be safe to use once every other day? Has anyone tried this

You should be monitored by a doctor familiar with HRT.  If you get a bad enough imbalance , not only could it inhibit development, but could also be very dangerous from DVT's , to strokes and or heart attacks.  

Please be wise, that is why I caution peeps who do more than 2500 mg of PM.  It can starve the body of electrolytes, calcium and other problems.


Thank you for your help, sounds like maybe I should consider White Peony  instead to help lower T , is there thread here that speaks of safe dosage , that's the one thing I can not find

Lotus talks extensively about WP in this thread ....

(04-08-2020, 06:32 PM)Stevenator_too Wrote: [ -> ]Lotus talks extensively about WP in this thread ....
wow, now my head hurts and seeing all that