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Full Version: No more Progesterone Injections??
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So Sunday I went to my older doctor I haven’t seen in months since after bottom surgery (I’ve been going to a doctor that is closer to my apartment since I moved after surgery). He canceled my progesterone injections cuz he says they don’t have a purpose now cuz they were only to block T. I don’t know what the effects are gonna be since I won’t have P in my system anymore. The purpose of P is to balance out E so it doesn’t get too high and cause adverse problems. I also upped my dosage to 2 ampules of Estrogen now to get my E higher. My goal is F/G cup i i Japanese sizes and this should help. I’m still taking PM and Fenugreek to help with growth and the P in Fenugreek should help balance everything out. 

Also I went to an interview for a modeling talent, when the guy was measuring me, he asked if my boobs were fake cuz they are 98cm as of today. Had to explain to him 3 times and it got annoying. I guess I should be happy that I raised my girls so well, people think they’re fake?
My take on this is we are all different.

General rule of thumb is more E does not give us bigger breasts. Whatever nature feels like, that's what your going to get. Most of the females in my family are B and C cups, so getting D's are never going to happen.

Taking E and PM are thought to be counter productive, although they both can stimulate different parts of your breast tissue, its the part that they both stimulate that cause the problems. If PM is already stimulating the cell, then E is effectively locked out of that cell.
You can take as much E as you like, but your body isn't using it.