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Full Version: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Natural Progesterone
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I think everyone should have at least a small amount of this stuff, esp in today's toxic world of crap in the food, water, air, wifi everywhere. Also lots of lemons to help PH levels, most of us are way low.

This is a great read and lots of help from the P word stuff. It is Life after all. here are a few snip its to read.

"Progesterone is now regarded as so breast protective that there’s a scientific call to add it to breast cancer medications like Tamoxifen! It promotes brain and sleep health in both men and women and works with Vitamin D to reduce inflammation in the nervous system and brain."

Progesterone is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, a brain protector in both sexes of all ages, a natural Ambien, and new science suggests it is so breast protective that some breast cancer survivors should be taking it.

It’s bi-gender. Progesterone is present in young boys and girls as well as men and women, occurring in various amounts. Young and middle-aged healthy Venus and Mars bodies, brains, and nervous systems produce progesterone. Why do we all have it? Progesterone wears diverse “hats” to keep us well. As you will learn, this means that natural progesterone therapy can be a useful additional treatment tool for many conditions.
Brain and nervous system. Progesterone protects your brain. Progesterone is part of a critical group of endogenous (naturally made) steroids (hormones) called neurosteroids. Neurosteroids protect brain and nervous system tissues. Progesterone is produced locally right inside the brain and throughout the mass of nerves inside the spinal cord to do just this. Progesterone production inside our brain and entire nervous system, including the one in our gut, happens in boys, girls, men, and women.

Neuroprotective. In the brain, gut and throughout the spinal cord, progesterone is neuroprotective. This means progesterone protects these tissues from damage from excess inflammation, regulates synaptic conversations, lubes neurotransmitters, and even protects outer nerve sheaths called myelin (one reason why progesterone therapy is helpful in some demyelinating diseases).
Progesterone protects brain volume. A healthy brain has an optimal size or volume. Aging shrinks brain volume, especially in the area where we keep memories and our sense of who we are (the hippocampus). Anything that protects brain volume promotes better thinking and loss of it (cognitive decline).

It could be said that progesterone acts like a brain filler in the way some use cosmetic procedures to fill wrinkles in the skin. It’s all about volume.
It’s been shown that in the middle of the month, when a woman produces a surge of progesterone, her hippocampus enlarges in response. Thus, progesterone helps keep memories and sense-of-self alive and kicking, by helping maintain better “hippocampal volume.” “Hippocampal Shrinkage” (loss of volume) occurs right before onset of cognitive decline diseases manifest, such as Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, all clearly linked to less brain volume in this specific brain area.
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I’m a big fan of Bio-PC.