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Full Version: HRT and hair loss
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So I switched to HRT from PM, SP, and Spearmint Tea about a month ago and I've been losing about as much hair as before I started SP. Is this unusual?

I did taper off the PM and SP before I started to get it out of my system, not sure if I am shedding because of that, I had something similar happen every time I tried to quit herbals before which brought me back.

I'm still using minoxidyl and Nizoral shampoo. SP really helped my hair loss, I've been taking it for over 4 years. Any thoughts on if it would interfere with HRT, or how long before the hair loss will stop eventually with just estradiol and bicalutimide?
Keep up the SP, it will take a while for HRT to suppress testosterone.
(10-06-2019, 10:15 PM)Phanatic Wrote: [ -> ]Keep up the SP, it will take a while for HRT to suppress testosterone.

Thanks, I think I shouldn't have stopped it, though I think stopping PM was the right call as it targets the same receptors.

I surprisingly had on the high end of normal T when I had it tested before the start of HRT. It probably will take more than awhile to get down.
Just a little update. I started back on Saw Palmetto on the 12th, and I've had about the same amount of hair in my comb the last few days as I did before I stopped SP, so it seems to be working. 

I think I'll slowly stop taking SP once my T levels are down. Cold turkey was a really bad idea it seems...