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I have been thinking 

When my sexual ramp goes high it escalates very quickly and I then take more estrogen to get it down ie so I can get on with some work

Increased e does work but takes about 2/3 weeks to get me under control

So was thinking would androcur work to nuke the sex drive

How long does androcur take to bring drive down ?

Any experience, thoughts ?


Wow! that`s a serious Pharma sledge-hammer right there Big Grin

yes it would totally work, as does Spiro and Fin and Bicalutamide, decapeptyl ...
I`d be more concerned at the dose and means of administration, Avoid Depot injections that will kill your libido totally! LOL
also you`de need to keep taking the E else you`de be out of hormones entirely and your body does require them, basically you`de be only low dose transition meds.
I`m pretty sure Androcur is used on sex offenders to chemically castrate them, i`m already at castrate levels and have been for a couple of years now, if you can tollerate Spiro i would go that route because it`s cheaper and has a really short half life, I think androcurs half life is much longer, so you`de take longer to get back to "normal" if you accidentally took too much whilst experimenting. just a thought Smile xx
Thank you Katie
Valid points

Poll your turn 

Oh wow !  The side effects alone from brain tumors to liver disease scare me . I looked it up on Wikipedia . If you are trying to still blend in and don't want to be outed  that's not the right road you may as just cut off the twig and giggle berries
Ooh ok
Not Googled the side affects yet


Hi Julie,

FYI, I always appreciate your posts.

I have tried Fin and Bicalutamide and Androcur.  For both Bicalutamide and Androcur I find 25mg is enough.  Or often taking 50 mg Androcur maybe every other day seems pretty good too.  I usually include Fin along with Androcur or Bicalutamide.  I have found anti-androgens very effective when my sex drive was ramping backup, it is a balancing act to not suppress my sex drive too much for me.

I didn't like Spiro very much with the side effects of Spiro.  When I start back on HRT I usually take Anti-Androgens at first, and after a few weeks start tapering them off and just go with the E.  Right now I am on a low dose of 2mg E daily dose with no anti-androgens, sometimes I use a gel instead of pill just to give my liver a break, but have stopped the anti-androgens for now since I seem to be doing Ok with just the E, my breast glands are nicely swollen and growing right now.  I also often include Microgest 100mg (Progesterone) as well as E since I am interested in breast gland development.

If you wanted to experiment with Bicalutamide or Androcur, I would recommend 25mg at first, I either cut or just bite the tablets in half.

Androcur (CPA) has Progresterone effects as well that I am interested in Rolleyes :  "Through its action as a progestogen, CPA has been found to significantly increase prolactin secretion and to induce extensive lobuloalveolar development of the mammary glands of female rhesus macaques.[94] In accordance, a study found that CPA, in all cases, induced full lobuloalveolar development of the breasts in transgender women treated with the drug in combination with estrogen for a prolonged period of time.[95][96][97] Pregnancy-like breast hyperplasia was observed in two of the subjects.[97]".

Hi Darlene
Thank you for info

You and I sound similar 

Yes bc is on my radar indeed


Having been on bicalutamide for the past 14 months - my advice is that whilst it is safe and has a low profile of side effects it takes an age to build up enough to block testosterone (like 2-3 months minimum) and you have to live with increased testosterone in the short term while it blocks up your receptors - you will retain high levels of t (although it has nowhere to go) without sufficent estrogen to lower production of t.  Spiro just made me feel bloated and brought me out in a rash although these side effects werent serious they werent much fun either.....

Due to supplier issues am having to switch to cypro - I would caution having tried it over the past couple of weeks that it is very strong but it would definitely do the job if thats what you want.  The effects are mitigated by having about a 2 day half life and whilst fertility can be comprised it doesnt reduce testosterone to castrate levels indefinitely.  There is an article here suggesting 25mg is just as effective as 50mg (although this is in conjunction with estrogen):
Ok, I`v just ordered 3 months worth myself as I`m wanting to get myself Off spiro (I miss potassium rich foods!), so when they get here (probably 2-3 weeks) I`ll start working out a plan on getting myself off spiro and onto these. the price is nearly Twice that of spiro, but this is for the sake of Science! Cool
Hopefully I can do it without any T spikes (i hate that stuff!) and no side effects, I have 3 months worth of spiro just as a backup anyway, and I`m already down to 100mg a day from 150mg over the last 3 weeks, and there`s no really bad side effects that I can detect, my plan is to go 50mg day next, and hopefully there`s no T elevation else I`ll be right back on them again!

i`ll start off at 50mg androcur and see how that goes, if it`s good, then i`ll try 25mg, if not then I`ll go 100mg / day
I`d like to take the smallest dose of AA to do the job if I can.
I started with estradiol pills and Androcur simultaneously. The libido and function tanked totally after a week or two (but those were funny daysBig Grin). Libido is only coming back after several months. But different. A woman's libido Blush. The shrinkage of testes (related to the loss of function I suppose) was surprisingly fast. As mentioned above, you can't get much heavier weapons than these. If you really want to use it, I'd consider dropping the excuse of your sex drive just bothering you and work with the knowledge of male sexuality simply not being your thing Wink).
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