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Full Version: The Fourth area! (Personal Transition)
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(30-01-2020, 02:51 PM)sunniethings Wrote: [ -> ]
(28-04-2018, 05:34 PM)julieTG Wrote: [ -> ]Phew DEEP

sounds like Siddha Yoga to me.  the nature of reality and the Absolute Truth.  

    When the little fleshly ship is birthed through the vaginal canal into the great harbor of the world It is pure consciousness.  The child knows not the world.  When it laughs the old folks say it is the angels talking to the child.  When it cries the flesh needs attention.  Eventually the eyes begin to focus and it discovers its hands and feet.  Then a vision of someone giving it a bottle of milk saying "I'm mommy" and it learns that is mommy.  Another familiar vision says "I'm daddy" and it learns this is "mommy and daddy".  Mom and dad begin telling it "You're Sonny Star" and it begins to relate the name with the Self.  As the flesh grows up into its environment it becomes the character it learns to be, Sonny Star.  The character was not "born".  It was created by That which was born in the little fleshly ship, Pure Consciousness.  The character ego grows away from what it truly is and becomes Sonny Star.  Sonny Star was never born, it's a character creation.  Much like Hollywood.   A person growing up in their environment without a teacher to avail the truth becomes molded by that environment.    

 There are 4 aspects to being human.  

  1. The body: it is only a vehicle to get around in.  
  2. The mind: it is only a tool, but the greatest creative tool known to mankind.  It can create anything.       It is a contraction of Pure Consciousness.  
  3. The ego: in this case it's Sonny Star, never born only a creation of That which was born.  The ego           filters that which is provided by Pure Consciousness through the mind.  Without a teacher the ego must       learn on its own.  And, the ego doesn't actually exist, but it thinks it does because of its memories.  
  4. The Consciousness: It is God.  It has created all that we see, hear ,feel, taste, touch, smell and can       imagine.  Without consciousness nothing actually exist.  

I'm totally in agreement with Sunniethings explanation of being human, though my belief system is based on "New Age" American thought rather than Eastern origins.   The excessive focus we have on the lowest level of the hierarchy (the body) is the cause of much distress.  The body, like all the material world, is a product of consciousness.  Modern physics is catching up with this idea, though unsure what to do about it - see this Nature magazine article
Re: `what Kind of girl am I?` what do I REALLY Like and enjoy

I can honestly say to me this is not an afterthought, it's part of the process and a core part of the motivation.

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