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Full Version: not the same
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Well after restarting i had some nipple and bud pain but that went away now they're just a little sensitive if i push on the nipple
my buds dont seem as firm as they were before stopping either  whats going on ? 
i'm on the verge of just giving up , i had wonderful growth untill i stopped  was wearing a 42c now cant seem to quite fill it maybe a small bcup now
 i cant seem to get any help or advise from anywhere . just seems if you dont have tit pick you dont get help
Sounds like you are the impatient type.
It can easily take up to 3 months to get results on PM, so a month or so with a gap in it is hardly anything. The need to take a break is vastly over stated IMO and certainly it isn't necessary after only a couple of weeks. Start with one a day for a week or so, then 2 a day, and so on up to 4 x500mgPM per day, then stick at that for at least 3 months.
It is my experience with FG that it creates water retention and I know of at least one former member on here, who said she would take up to 6 FG's before going out on the town to get a temporary boost in volume.
It isn't lack of a picture that stopped you getting replies, but you could try some punctuation and capital letters so that your posts are actually readable.