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Full Version: Barlowe's pM
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Came across this, price is certainly good and being uS they might make a nice alternative supplier. Also lots and lots of herbs and extracts.

I'm still using the pM I purchased from siam naturals. Three day break dealing with this damn sinus infection that lingers. The oak pollen down here is ferocious.

Keep growing Gurls! Smile
Hi Elaine,
I'm on Barlowes now for about the last 2 weeks, and I dont see any difference between it and Ainterol.
Same lovely ache behind my nipples so something is working.
By the way.
They said their prices are cheaper on their website, but Amazon has them beat.
I have used Barlowes my entire time. I order off Amazon. Nicely prices, and quick delivery. Big Grin
This is the second thread I have seen praising it. I can't believe I bought natures answer instead considering its full of additives :/ I'm def getting barlowes next cycle
Thanks gurls for all the positives.
I'm well supplied for the time being between Siam Naturals and Ainterol.
But I'll def consider this next time.

And maybe this will help someone else too. Cool