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Full Version: FAQ-NBE and Insulin Resistance
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Is this you?

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Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas into our blood, and it is in charge of regulating the amount of glucose (a simple sugar) in our blood. When we consume glucose, insulin is released. The hormone sends the message to our cells to absorb glucose from the blood through a cell surface transporter called Glut-4. Once glucose has entered the cells, a complex interaction of hormones controls the amount of and the rate at which glucose is converted into fat.
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Insulin Resistance vastly reduces the number of insulin receptor sites or doorways on the walls of your cells. The average healthy person has some 20,000 receptor sites per cell, while the average overweight individual with PCOS can have as few as 5,000. If you have too few receptor sites, glucose bounces off the cell wall, instead of passing through the insulin door to be burned as energy. With the cell door almost closed to it, glucose remains in the blood stream, causing elevated levels of blood sugar, which are sent to the liver. Once there, the sugar is converted into fat and stored via the blood stream throughout the body. This process can lead to weight gain and obesity, key factors in creating PCOS.
The risks of resistance-

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And this:

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How insulin enters the bloodstream:

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And stays-

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Improving sensitivity-

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Jesus it goes over my head ..I might have to study this a while xD ...get employed for this ...or write a book Big Grin
you could do a lot of entrepreneuring with this kind of knowledge!!

jerusalem artichoke I'm hearing is good for insulin !!
have you heard of it ???

Lotus do you believe theres any good herbs to improve belly weight loss and hold onto more feminine bits ....anti-androgens help right?
do you think if I lost weight until I was happy with my stomach I could start gaining weight to fill out my hips and butt etc by taking certain herbs?..I've lost a lot of weight and only wanted a flatter tummy ..feels like it's stubborn ..even though my waist is small I have yet to reach tummy goal (I'm very close ) but I don't want to get any smaller anywhere else..idk maybe my arms ...on your research it mentions insulin effects belly fat .....I know I ask so much but your crazy at coming up with stuff Big Grin you should write a book in all honesty (;..I'd buy it ! for real long as it's not like 4000000£$ lol

10 Ways to Increase Insulin Sensitivity for Better Fat Loss:


Your insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism are directly correlated to your body composition. Impair your body’s ability to efficiently store glucose, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle against fat loss. Here are 10 ways you can increase insulin sensitivity and make it easier to change your body composition for the better.
I bet trans fats are bad for insulin. Even labels that say 0 grams of trans fats, have a smaller amount (listed in the ingredients label as 'hydrogenated') that can be felt. What do you think?
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