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How many of us here have tried them ?

How many want to try them ?

What stops us trying them , even on low non transition doses ?

From what I can see

Patti, jenni lee have used them

Look forward to replies


Good question. I have to ask, what would you consider a non-transition dose? There is a world of other things that influence the decision to transition or not, beyond what you take, and how much of it. Family, age, physical appearances, money, and most of all, a realistic appraisal of whether or not one would make at least a semi-attractive female. Myself, it's been mostly family, as I have an extremely accepting wife. She doesn't desire sex, (been about 3 years now,) and sees me for who I am, (although often saying I have too many femme things.) Some of my obstacles have been removed, as I lost both my parents this summer. Believe it or not, even though I only made that 2000 mile round trip drive once or twice a year, I still had the inhibiting factor of not wanting to destroy their opinion of me.
That having changed, we are now discussing some minor physical "alterations", which remain to be ironed out. Transition is probably out, and I really don't think I could ask that much of her. But, I've always been more of a transgender than a transsexual. If we decide to push it a bit more, I would guess I'd be back on pharmas again. Patti
Have I Ever Tried them?

Have I ever been interested in Trying them?
Yes, before I found PM, not so much now.

What Stopped/Stops me?
Before it was the whole "Transition or GTFO" Mentality along with a dislike & distrust of Big Pharma & their products, now PM does most of the job so about the only interest left is primarily curiosity, but I still dislike and distrust big pharma.

How many of us here have tried them?

I have not.

How many want to try them?

So long as pm continues to work for me, I see no reason to use synthetics.

What stops us trying them , even on low non transition doses?

Money and convenience might be some reasons. It's probably simpler and cheaper just to use pm than to go to a therapist to get diagnosed with GID and have regular visits with a physician to prescribe/monitor hormones.

I agree with Lenneth about my interest in using synthetics. Pm is simply a more suitable option for me. Furthermore, I doubt how well I would fit in the DSM's gender dysphoria model. I'm more focused on achieving an androgynous appearance than doing a full transition. I would describe my gender identity as being more like a third gender or lacking a particular strong identification with the male gender than feeling like I'm a woman trapped in a male body.

I haven't tried synthetic estro's and don't intend to.

I have tried nature-identical PG cream which didn't do anything as far as I could tell.

I have also tried Microgest, which is an ingestible form of nature identical PG. That definitely helped to round them out.
I was interested in finasteride (propecia) for hair loss AND the feminizing aspects it has as a side effect. BUT! Now I am scared shitless and will NOT take it because of some of the side effects. I looked into spiro and the same thing. I will not be taking either. Nor will I accept either if recommended. I will continue to block as much as T as possible without a prescription. I am currently lookin into other common drugs but honestly I prefer slow and steady.... I enjoy the research. I know my body very well and what I am doing IS working slowly.... I'm happy with that. Start small, take pictures for your own personal scrap book. Best of luck.
Jenny, could you please share the side effects you mention?
I've taken 2mg Progynova (Estradiol Valerate) and 200mg Spirotone (Spironolactone) daily. I've had 50 days worth I bought online. (I don't have a prescription nor the money for one)

I'd take 1x Progynova and 1x Spirotone in the morning, then 1x Spirotone at night.

The first week were extreme emotions. I'd get either really happy, or angry over little things quiet easily. I also felt a little unfocused and a bit disoriented. I'd like to add that I think I started off with my testosterone levels on the high end of the scale so the quick change in levels caused disorientation.

The second week was slight pain in the breasts. Right behind the nipples, you could feel a little pain when you held it. It wasn't too bad, but I was excited as that meant that my breasts were growing.

The third week, I noticed my butt filled in a bit where I had "dimples" or most likely cellulite. I knew I was probably gaining lots of water weight from the spirotone. Breast pain and sensitivity shot up during this week. Just putting on shirts sent jolts of pain and pleasure through my nipples.

The fourth week, I felt "girly". I'm not sure if it really happened or was just a placebo, but my whole attitude and outlook felt very feminine. I started to think men were pretty good looking. If I spent some time browsing the internet and saw pictures of men, I would now take more time to focus on their looks and their body.

The fifth through eighth week, the pain and sensitivity of the breasts dramatically rose. Just sitting down or turning too quickly would cause pain to go through my breasts. At night, when I would massage them, it felt like I was in another world. I didn't really get to experience the nipple orgasm that many women say they can get, but it was good enough. I had lost interest in all porn. The whole time, I was still able to get "it" up, but I just had to have more stimulation.

My breasts grew probably a cup during its use.

All in all, I felt it was a very nice experience and would love to try it again. The strong emotions are a real deterrent though, but nothing I wouldn't mind going through. Definitely going to swap the spirotone for Androcur as that is much stronger and also helps get rid of body hair.

Synthetics work really well, I just experienced a single side effect. Different body's require different dosages though. What I used was pretty minimal. I read transgender forums often and see others starting off on stronger doses.
Hey Julie,

Interesting question,doesn't it seem like that would be icing on a cake for those who would want to transition,or on the other hand the forbidden fruit for those who can't transition but want too?

I've thought about it considering how far I've gone so far,family prevents doing it for now,but time is running out for me the way I see it at present,but thanks for giving the thought of it.Smile
(02-11-2013, 08:21 PM)julieTG Wrote: [ -> ]How many of us here have tried them ?
How many want to try them ?
What stops us trying them , even on low non transition doses ?

I'm finishing up a 2 month supply of Progynova 1mg. I tried it for two reasons. 1. I wanted to see if I could replace the 3-4 PM pills I was taking with a single daily pill and 2. I wanted to know if the synthetic would work better. What I experienced is that the Progynova alone (at 1mg daily) didn't cause any sensations at all. I thought about taking 2 per day but opted not to - just not comfortable taking a full dose of pharma without oversight by a doctor. I've been using it up by replacing one of my PM doses with a Progynova. Even then, I wouldn't say the sensations are any "better" than I've experienced on PM alone.
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