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Full Version: PM causing high libido
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I just restarted PM and it seems like its making me more horney yet if and when im "done" i rather feel pretty depressed for the next hour or so.
has anybody else feel like pm has increased their libido??
Hmm, it pretty much got rid of my libido!

(31-07-2013, 02:22 AM)julie_txcd Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, it pretty much got rid of my libido!


Same here. Smile

I think a few members have reported pm increasing their sex drive. I think one possible factor is having a new erogenous area in the body.
I've experienced both, the increase and decrease. The thought of gaining what you've yearned for can be enough of a stimulant alone. In my personal experience, how you go about satiating the libido can vary greatly.
Yes for the first few weeks my libido went through the roof , this week it's completely gone ?


Well. I went from practically no libido to I can hardly keep my hands off myself high libido. There's no coming "off" or really seemingly satiating it though. And definitely no depression after I've curbed the appetites.

When my doses are low though it is somewhat more tolerable. And if I'm on my "period" even if I'm turned on on one hand, on the other I also really don't want anything to do with it... It's a strange mix of feelings trust me!

If it wasn't for the fact that I can't MOVE when I reach a real peak, I could really potentially even just keep going and going even then... Blush