Breast Growth For Genetic Males

Full Version: 3 days on PM
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I've been on PM for 3 days, and I'm already noticing changes.

After about 4 months, I ran out of RC about 2 weeks ago and decided to use up the hops and fennel I still had on hand. During those 2 weeks, my breasts shrunk regardless of the FG I was still taking.

I've taken 500 mg of PM once each day for the past 3 days, and my breasts have enlarged back to about where they were before I stopped RC. Also, my nipples are very responsive to the rubbing of my shirt or if one of the streams from the shower head hits them just right.

No tingling or itching, yet, and no budding, but then I wouldn't expect budding this quickly. I guess I'll see how things go from here.