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Hello , new here have some questions
about to start on BO ( i have ordered and waiting arrival of 4 months supply of Swanson Raw Ovarian Glandular 250 mg 60 Caps ) was wondering at the point of the recommended year intake do you totally stop or taper off and do return to maintain the results achieved?

I am not concerned about the male parts getting affected by the way , hoping to achieve at least a full b cup for my 38 inch chest and the hip growth would be a plus along with the ( reduced sweat?)

any thing else i should be aware of , im certain my body temp is well sufficient as i have been told i am very hot at night along with the sweats

i will only focus on protein drinks if need be no phytoestrogen mixing with BO Smile
well started today with 4 pills + 1000 mg

glad there smaller than the fenugreek i have taken in the past ,also i have taken saw paleminto ,evening primerose... all of which for me did not do anything except make my nipples always erect 

I spoke to Swanson representative today to ask why there is a "raw ovarian glandular " and a " ovarian glandular for women" both from Swanson , she was not aware of the one i got ( which was through amazon ) they had both ..any one know the specifics ?

there i go again asking questions , well are there any members here that can post that they are curious about this product?
day 3 completed , if you dont like small to medium migraines this is not for you , i use to take black cohosh ( a herbal for blocking your testosterone.) that gave headaches for sure ( and i feel it was never strong enough to help )
when the headaches reduce , does that mean time to increase dosage ? , I think i will

by the way the temp that this supplement works at i checked today i am at 100 degrees vs the required 98,2 degrees , not sure what to expect will happen to my temp in winter ,might be just as well to increase to 2000 mg vs the 1000 mg ,i will give it a go
Hi there, 

ive been taking bo for a month over a month, i havent really noticed any changes then again i havent checked my temperature.
(10-08-2018, 12:48 AM)Hikowa_Dean Wrote: Hi there, 

ive been taking bo for a month over a month, i havent really noticed any changes then again i havent checked my temperature.

hi , what is your dosage amount ? and have you consumed water every day to you feel like a fish ? I did just read today there is a recommended supplement that goes well with this "pituitary glandulars "

Quote:Bovine pituitary extract, or BPE, is a filtered, water-based extract of fresh pituitary glands from cattle. As a source of growth factors and hormones, BPE is used in tissue culture research to support various cell lines, such as skin, breast, lung and prostate

i may have to order some and try it ..though second careful reading it appears to be directed at gender women

http://mustgrowbust.com/wp-content/uploa...UIDE-C.pdf hope posting links is ok here
going to focus my attention at this forum here as i see this one is not active ,sont understand why there are 2  "nexum forums"

yh i dont drink alot of water, its mostly milk that i drink

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