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my Scary Detox!
Before I go any further, I Must tell you that doing this can make you VERY VERY SICK! and unless you`re 100% "in tune" with your body and mind or have medical supervision, Don`t do it!

I decided that ontop of my regular skin care routine, and my hair growth gloop, that it might be a good idea to do a general Detox as well, afterall your skin has 2 sides right!? so I though it would be good to focus my attention to the Inside and give it a helping hand that way too.

Everything I`v read for the last month or so, other than the need for Colagen has insisted upon Anti-Oxidants.
now being a pill popper anyway because of my HRT, adding a few more isn`t going to be an issue, so I set about learning about different Anti-oxidants and also they interact and support each other, and came up with a shopping list! Big Grin

1000mg Vit C
a vit A,C and E combo with Selenium
Milk thistle extract
Vitamin E oil (for my face)
500mg Glutathione
200mg Alpha Lipoic Acid
Vitamin C powder (for adding to face cream)
500mg Rutin

along with my regular daily vitamins and minerals that I take daily with my HRT, stuff like vit D, Magnesium, calcium and vit B combo.

now at face value looking at that, it seems fairly innocent other than being a big list, and has all the right combo of anti-oxidants to do a really good job and in complete synergy with each other.
well it`s not all That "innocent" in reality, the problem as such is that it works Too well!

and though I didn`t really notice much the first day, from day 2 to day 5 was like a living nightmare! I was having something similar to a Herxheimer reaction as 36years of smoking, 30 years of daily drinkng, 40+ years of using leaded solder, 5 years of silver purification often involving Mercury and Cadmium, as well as everyday life toxin accumulation was suddenly released and mobilised into my system again, was my free toxins than I was incapable of getting rid of quickly enough and it made me very very sick indeed! Sad

but the worst part was the mental / neurological effects, Strong depression and anxiety, borderline panic attacks, constant suicide thoughts, total exhaustion, a feeling of unreality to everything, seriously bad tinitus that made me want to escape out my own head, paranoia, metalic taste in my mouth etc... and the list goes on, it was perfectly dreadful! Sad

today (day 6) is the first day I`v actually started feeling "Normal" again, I`m not complete "with it" as such, but I can concentrate a bit better although I still feel so tired and weary, it`s getting a bit better and the annoying tinitus ringing in my ears isn`t quite a loud (though it`s still constant), so hopefully I`m past the worst of it now, and should improve to state beter than I was before i started the detox.

I`v done quite a bit of research and i`m far from the only one this has happened to, I`m fairly confident that it`s the Glutathione that`s responsible for most of this, as it the Master antioxidant that all the others are there to support. I`v also read (and it kinda makes sense) that the worse your reaction to it, the more you needed it, I can assure you that knowledge won`t provide much solace when you`re going through it! it will take a Lot of will power and control over your thinking because you will be experiencing Madness.
interestingly though, my GD didn`t kick in and it wasn`t used against me in anyway, I felt sure it would, but nope, not a thing! Cool

Now I`m sure this won`t happen to Everyone! but it would be quite naughty of me Not to mention what Can happen, at least to someone like me that`s never detoxed in their life and almost spent a lifetime of not caring if stuff was bad for them or not.

hopefully give it another week or so and I can start enjoying the benefits of having a cleaner system! Big Grin
it`s been a week now and I feel Great!
tons more energy, I don`t feel cold anymore, and I`v got much less brain fog than I had before I started (and I didn`t think I had any).
I`v even been out Roller Skating today! Big Grin

it was a hell of a rough ride, and i still have a slight ringing in my ears, but I`m defo on the way up again. xx
Wow. Katie. Glad to hear you are feeling better. What brought about the detox and why such an intense one ?
well it all really started by doing research into skin care and anti-aging, so I kept notes of the general themes together with the anti oxidants used and their support vits and minerals.
long story short, I thought I`d give it a try myself, but use ALL of the stuff I`d learned about in one go, so bought about 30 days worth of each and decided to take them to see what would happen.

the rest as they say, is history! Big Grin

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