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BO before HRT?
Hi there

Waiting to see a gender theripst to see if i have gender dysphoria. is it ok for me to start taking BO either on its own, protein shake nd maybe some form of anti-adrodgen? Thanks.
it didn`t do me any harm! Wink
well ive brought some BO so i think ill start taking 1 a day for a month.
I agree, it is always best to start on a low dose and then ramp up slowly, as well as introducing these things one at a time to see how well you tollerate them before introducing something else. Wink
just wondering what i could use to raise body temp. i have some raw coconut oil and i tasted disgusting to i spat it right out.. plus it was in solid format as well.
think i might take it on its own and see what happens.

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