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Partial Transition-wow it can be done
Well to add fuel to fire and show the ups and downs of trans 

Not sure how true it is but saw on a forum she is reverting back to make life or half male life 
So is that her now back in

Partial transition ?

Courage, conviction and responsibility are principles that are constellated as many different things to different people.  It may be that there are some individuals who are fighting their own particular internal psychological battles with whom that particular commentary may resonate in a positive, clarifying way.  I, for one, did not read it as a judgment against folks at the farther end of the spectrum of trans-genderism.  Not at all.  I did recognize in it a representation of one of the possible outcomes of ego-collapse and identity crisis.  My own experience has shown me the possibility of this being so.

I see this a an opportunity for increasing our understanding of one-another, and thereby ourselves as well.
Quote:if we can`t even agree the basics amongst ourselves, why the hell should cis people give a damn about us?

First of all you may have noticed that you are in the "cis" section of the forum.
Second, for a moment in my life (like, the last 15 years), I was convinced that accepting each and every person's relationship with their own bodies and soul was the basic. Actually, you know what? I am still convinced.

Someone is happy in drab. Someone crossdresses. Someone transitions. Someone decides to stay half way because they don't have the time, will, push, courage, drive, money, help, knowledge, passion, need, [add motivation here] to fully transition. And no one, and I really mean no one, must feel like they have the right to tell anyone at what point to stop doing what they want with their body and mind.

Rennee Rayes simply observe reality and gave her point of view on what people could use to feel better. She knows very well that not everyone wants to feel the pressure of a full transition when they'd be happy with stopping half way. That's what the original post says, and I find it way more progressive than the point of view of those that only see 100% cis and 100% trans as the possible choices in life.

I am surprised that critiques to that article come from anywhere inside the LGBT spectrum. Are we at the point where we must legitimate cis-fobia?
so you`re ok with her saying that people that transition fully are Selfish then?

I give up, I really do! Dodgy
Quote:Most girls that succeeded with a partial transition undertook this path as a solution to potentially overwhelming economic fallout if they went full-time. I admire that! It takes more courage and conviction to embrace reality and find a solution within that framework than it does to selfishly abandon all responsibility and simply run into full-time gender land.

Let's face reality, shall we? We are not in a perfect world, and in our world a gender transition can leave a mark in the people around us. Not everybody has shoulders big enough to fight against the system and today's mentality. Most TSs I know had to deal with a very complicated situation at home, with their parents, wives and children. Many lost their jobs and ended up living as outcasts rather than a "normal woman's life". Most of them were sad about the pain they caused, even if they were rather happy about finally embracing their true self.
I think that the articles talks to the people facing a situation as painful for themselves as it is for the others around them, that decide that a full transition would be too traumatic. People that maybe are not even 100% gender dysphoric but, as someone highlighted before, that maybe are gender fluid. People that weight what they think they'd feel like after a full transition in comparison to the stir that the process would create. These are the people that usually DON'T transition. These are the people that usually give up the dream of feeling feminine (or masculine on the other side), not those that feel so strongly about their need to transition that decide to just ignore who would suffer around them.
As far as I can see, Katie, you were somehow lucky. Although you had your share of pain, you still have a family that loves you dearly for the woman that you now are. This is a rare luck, feel free to read any TS forum and you'll see how low is the level of acceptance.

Yes, some people that know they would create pain with a social transition decide not to go 100% through. And, again, I find refreshing that, finally, someone talks about this grey area of the TG spectrum. It's not an easy choice to abandon part of one's dream to be more feminine, but the missing part can be filled by the love of the people that will not disown you for going all the way.

These people are NOT undermining the rights of fully transitioning individuals. They are merely trying not to stand out from the crowd while they try to feel better with their bodies. In the world we live in, particularly in the less priviledged and progressive areas, this can be a psychological life saver. And considering the violence towards transexuals, most probably it can be a physical lifesaver too.
Agreed every word
And Katie you are incredibly fortunate x

I really don`t understand how this is in Any way about me!? whether I`m fortunate or not? the Fact is that Many transsexuals are Not fortunate and lose almost everything when they transition! and they had no Choice!
to call these people `selfish` is nothing short of disgusting! and I will Not stand silent and allow that to go unsaid.

it`s a disgusting, elitist, privileged atitude Angry

I`m really struggling here to see what part of that can`t be Clearly seen. it is NOT a `Choice`!!!! therefore it Cannot be in anyway "selfish".

its not about you,
but I concur with what your saying except , not all ts have too transition some have too, and some can bear,

but do agree that if a ts is unfortuanate enough to have too transition, then its a done deal, there is no choice except suicide sometimes


think Renne was referring to the pink foggists, ie the ooh im ts and away they go , blow everything up and then some realise there not,

so the tg/ts rather than full ts ,



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