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I`v finally arrived!
All the heartache of my younger years being so desperate to become a mother and not being able to carry my own children, forcing me down a path I didn`t want simply because it was the only way I was ever going to have my own kids, has Finally payed off!

Today it`s Mothers Day in the U.K, and I`v finally been Recognised as such!


Oh, and I also got breakfast in bed!!!! Big Grin
Aawwww shit
I have a tear in corner of eye now

Awww .. Thats wonderful, soooo happy for you .
((( hugs )))
Thanks each! ❤️

It`s been a wonderful day actually, and 2moro I have an all day shopping trip with some of the girls to try and find ourselves a ball gown each ready for April, so there`s gonna be the 4 of us terrorising the shopping mall changing rooms, I can just picture us doing a montage to an 1980`s pop/rock soundtrack and non stop giggles Big Grin

I`m going to leave my Mothers day cards up for a while yet, i guess it`ll take a bit to sink in, a bit like getting cards with "Wife" on them as I do, it took a bit to let that actually sink in feel Real. I guess after 30+ years of survival mode, it takes a while to realise that the war is over and I won! still feels quite unreal in many ways, but i`ll get there Wink xx

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