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THE OP...?
I`v been thinking really long and hard (no jokes Please! Tongue ) about this, and I think that if I share with my peers it might help me make up my mind, or at least help me make a balanced choice.

I`v been thinking about my SRS options, namely Orchi, Vulvoplasty or Vaginoplasty.
I know you may think it`s a bit early yet, but by the time I get seen, I`m very likely to be fast-tracked straight to the surgical waiting list, I`ll have my GRC then and won`t have to live a year as a woman because I`ll have already done at least 2 and have Govornment Proof of it! so i won`t really have as much time as other girls to think about it, plus it`ll give me time to work on my phobia of anaesthetics (it even makes me edgey just typing that word!).

so i`v made a sort of mental Pros and Cons list of each of the options:

Pros: won`t need blockers anymore, tucking may be a bit easier?
Cons: I`ll still have That Thing there!
so I`v basically rulled this one out entirely!

Pros: I`ll be 100% normal
Cons: Serious Consequences if it goes wrong and I`m pretty sure I`d end it all if I had to live with a bag!, can`t be 100% commited to the dilation routine everyday for months and for the rest of my life, the downtime would be unacceptable (esp with Kids!), I`m not really sure I`d even use it, there`s the same risks of infection etc... that women get, will need electrolysis down there. I have a small pevic opening and that could cause serious complcations!

Pros: I`d look 100% normal, it would feel right, all the "bits" would be gone, there`s only a short downtime, no dilating needed, it`s Much safer! I can`t be raped (that concerns me!), no risk of infections, won`t need electrolysis down there.
Cons: can`t have penetrative sex, I`d be considered Less Trans or less of a Woman (I know that shouldn`t bother me, but it has crossed my mind).

and that`s basically what I have right now, I`m seriously leaning towards the cosmetic option of Vulvoplasty, sometimes called Cosmetic Vaginoplasty, I`m kinda 90% for that and maybe 10% vaginoplasty.
it`s times like this I really wish I wasn`t Trans, nobody else has to think about sh!t like this Sad 

Soooo... I`d welcome any ideas or input with regard to my options and inevitable decision, or even if you just want to share your feelings about it? xx
Yes, it's a hell of a decision to make, would you be happy with a halfway house solution? I suppose it all depends on your goals and personal circumstances. Could the halfway house solution be made full transition at a later date if you wanted it? Would you double the risk with a second operation? You may not want full penetrative sex and be scared of rape, but women don't have a choice, and have to live with the risk, I suspect its low enough to not be a major deciding factor. The implications for rape are very serious and rights and perspectives are changing in women's favour. Ultimately only you can, and should make the decision, it's your life and body. Having said that it's good to ask and others may make suggestions you haven't even considered that may help you. It's too late, or maybe not to say after why didn't I consider that? You'll probably never be 100%sure,but may be 99%,or maybe 80 or 70%, but is that enough? 80% may be acceptable for one option but only 90% for another. I'd say be as sure as you can be, and be happy to move forward for yourself regardless of others whatever you decide. Xx
the problem with the rape aspect it that for Trans women, that percentage is Much higher than natal women, staggeringly high in fact  Sad
as for changing it after, there is a proceedure that used a length of colon to form the actual vagina as well, not sure if they`d retro fit one though?
Vulvoplasty for me, for the reasons you quoted. It would still be sensitive enough to use a vibrator, and look female for the OAP home we will end up in sooner or later.
(27-01-2018, 09:40 PM)jannet.duff Wrote: Vulvoplasty for me, for the reasons you quoted. It would still be sensitive enough to use a vibrator, and look female for the OAP home we will end up in sooner or later.

I think your decision is made. Didn't realise rape was so high for post op trans. I'm sure sentences for convictions will only increase with time though. Things are moving and changing in our favour x
Hi Katie,
    I feel that only you can decide what is right for you, and wish you the best in your decision.

    As for me, I find a penis just too handy (if for nothing else) using the rest room/tree/culvert/empty beer can for urinating.   Blush

(31-01-2018, 03:14 AM)paul Wrote: Hi Katie,
    I feel that only you can decide what is right for you, and wish you the best in your decision.

    As for me, I find a penis just too handy (if for nothing else) using the rest room/tree/culvert/empty beer can for urinating.   Blush


Thanks hun!
as for peeing, I`v always sat down to pee anyway, or I`v held it until I`v got back home, never liked seeing the thing never mind touching it! LOL so that side of things really isn`t an issue for me. xx
I’m also thinking about cosmetic GRS, Kate.
My reasons are that I have severe genital dysphoria and my penis causes me a lot of distress, especially when I’m having sex it’s something that shouldn’t be there for my feeling. 
An orchiectomy could not significantly alleviate the discomfort my genitalia cause me. 
I am a straight trans woman ( attracted to men only ) so it’s with pain in the heart that I’m not choosing for a full vaginoplasty GRS. The cosmetic GRS is the mediocre way for me to go. It would alleviate the genital dysphoria while not having to dilate the rest of my life + less risk for complications and faster recovery.

Personally I think I wouldn’t miss the vaginal cavity that much. I would still have labias, a sensitive clitoris and there are still tons of ways to have hetero-normative intercourse when I meet a guy I like.
So for me the benefits of cosmetic vaginoplasty outweigh the negatives.

I hate having a bulge down there, the penis doesn’t feel right to have for my comfort, I don’t like how it looks on my body, I don’t like being confronted with it when I’m having intercourse with someone,... I experience significant distress from it. The cosmetics of having a vagina and the mental relief that the penis would be gone are the most important to me. The right guy will love me for who I am and will not make drama from the lack of a cavity. Most straight men want to lick and finger their girl. Penetration is overrated and anal is still possible. 
I lean towards dr R.K Mishra for my GRS procedure. 
He fits my budget and I checked his credentials and his work and was excited about it. 
Plus I get some vacation in India ^_^
I`m am Soooo with you 100% on that!

it just simply Shouldn`t be there! the Orchi is a little more than a great way to come off blockers, and may help in tucking (so I hear) but for me it would be a last resort only, I NEED to have the lot removed and have in its place what should have been there all along.
I never knew about the ~2 inch depth! that`s amazing and I could Totally live with that, I was already leaning towards vulvoplasty anyway, but now I know you get Some depth as well, I think my mind is made up now, so thanks for that! ❤️

Unfortunately there isn`t much info anywhere about this proceedure or many write-ups from people that have had it done, but I have heard it can be done with an epidural as well, which is pretty neat coz I`m terrified of anaesthetics. it would be lovely if you stay around and share your journey here as well, that`s what I intend on doing, sharing my entire journey from first herbal pill to complete SRS here so that other girls like us that come after will have some sort of idea what to expect along the way, I don`t think anyone`s done that yet here, most seem to just vanish (really lovely people too!). xx
I would like  to hold out for the perfection of the womb transplant (if that is in the near future).
I would LOVE to be able to give birth, as painful as it may seem. but for the most part, feeling a life grow inside me, to be able to nurture that child, and watch them grow.

it would be wonderful if with their genetics research and cloning, that they can create a womb from your own cells, that your body wouldn't reject.

I have a great disdain for the equipment I was given, and it never ceases to shock me when I am in the shower, looking  down, or washing that area, it smacks me back to reality, and triggers my dysphoria.

For the most part, when I am clothed, I don't even give that area a second thought, I feel as I always have, feminine and free. To clarify, the clothes don't make the person, as I feel just as feminine in baggy sweatshirt and jeans, as I do in a dress. what I mean is, wearing clothes hides that area, and I don't have to look at it.

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