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Sparkling Mineral Water
Anyone regularly drink sparkling mineral water?

Was recently looking into which of them (worldwide) have the most minerals and it looks like Gerolsteiner & San Pellegrino are the top two contenders.

Among the two, I like Gerolsteiner a tad better. It has less sulfates than SP (which can adversely impact the taste for some palates), but virtually more of everything else (especially Calcium and Magnesium).

Also, both are said to include natural occurrence of the trace element Lithium (which some would argue should have it's own RDA (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11838882). It gets a bad rap for it's association with being used as a psych drug at extremely high (near toxic) doses, but it's in the same category as sodium and potassium, and an essential part of that trinity.

I mention sparkling in particular as it appears that flat (sans gas) mineral water doesn't maintain the same levels of minerality.

Mineral Water Calculator: https://www.gerolsteiner.de/en/water-kno...alculator/
I agree, Lithium being a group 1 element along with Na and K are important in nerve function and signaling. I suspect the reason the "fizzy" seems to have a greater ammounts by mass than the flat version is that many of the Hydroxides peresnt will form carbonate almost instantly with the addition of the CO2 gas, and carbonates molecule per molecule are heavier than hydroxides which only contain an OH group.

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