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Ainterol.us or Ainterolherbs?
Can someone answer this question?

I ordered some Ainterol PM liquid extract with a size of .33 ounce a little while ago from a non-Ainterol seller who shipped from their own storage, but the extract was different than what I had bought in the past from Ainterol sites that shipped from Thailand, although I had only ordered 1 ounce bottles of extract from Thailand.

The difference was in color, thickness, and taste. The smaller newer bottle has an expire date a year later than my previous bottle from Thailand. The color is 1/2 lighter, and thinner by about 30%, and the taste is much milder with the newer bottle. They are clearly not the same extract.

Also the bottle top is different. The newer plastic stopper has a round hole in the center, and the the twist top is broken in that the very top of it comes off as if it has been sliced through - it is around a millimeter or so in thickness and the full width of the twist top, like a little frisbee which sits on top, it just comes off the top of the twist top exposing the stopper. 

The package appeared new, shrink wrapped, and seemed untouched. But the seal was not solid on the ring of plastic around the twist top, that is the part that usually breaks when you first open the twist top. It did not break when I opened it because the two ends were not connected, there was a tiny space instead of being connected to each other.

My questions:

1. Has anyone bought the smallest extract bottles of .33 ounce in the last year or so?
2. Was the extract the same as in the past, or was it different like I described? 
3. Did you have the same experience with the  twist top and stopper?

I don't know if the seller sold me tampered with bottles, or if the newer small bottles have a different quality of extract based on the manufacturing process or some other reason from the manufacturer. The top could have been a problem with the manufacturer also, or it could have been tampered with by the seller or wherever the seller got it from.
OK, so looks like the extract is completely gone from ainterolherbs. What is the realistic shipping time to the US from ainterol.us?
Its been about 3 weeks or more.

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