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Hi I'm Jessica!
You look great gaining shape and looking smooth softening.
They look gorgeous. !!
love the shape and your nipples are in the perfect location too.
Woo hoo
Thank you everyone for the positive comments! I'm happy with my progress, not so happy about putting on about 5 lbs tho.....
I just recently bought a couple of sports bras, which help flatten out my boobs when I dont want to be showing them off, like at work. I know some question why some of us do this, but now is not the time to "out" myself at work. It's at the point ( no pun intended ?) that if I'm wearing a plain t-shirt, they are quite obvious.
I'm hoping to see even more change since I just added Reshi caps to my daily intake. Not much change to my butt or hips- at least as not such obvious change as my boobs!

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