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Full Version: What are your recommendations on how I should use my new progeserone cream?
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I am starting to use one half teaspoon (24 mg) of progesterone cream made from Mexican wild yam (Prosperine at this web link: daily with the herbal breast cream that I have made with coconut oil and the following herbs from capsules: PM, fenugreek seed, and soy isoflavones as I have previously discussed.  I have found that by adding the two types of creams together, I get a stronger tingling feeling in my breasts and nipples.  Do you recommend that I use the progesterone cream daily, the last two weeks of the month, or other frequency?  Do you think I should use it separate from my other breast cream or should I continue to combine the two together?  Would the addition of white peony extract under the tongue also be helpful for breast growth?