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Full Version: Hi I'm Jessica!
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Well I've been on here for a little while, and I think I figured out how to post pictures.
My program is as follows:
2 fenugreek
1 vitex
1 maca
1 sp

Mid day
2 fenugreek
I vitex
I maca
1 Sp

1 fenugreek
1 vitex
1 sp

I started this on 7/21 and my measuremen's were as follows:
Wt 183
Under bust 37
Bust 41
Over bust 39

8/6 measurements
Wt 183
Under bust 35
Bust 41.5
Over bust 39
38b bras seem to fit pretty good, although not filling the cup all the way at the top.
I notice that I appear to be getting "hippier" and my butt is filling in a bit- I noticed that my shorts and jeans are fitting differently, so I appear to be getting some fast shifting down!
I also massage my butt each day in the shower as well as my breasts twice a day.
Other than feminize my overall body shape, I'm not sure what my end goal actually is- I cannot fully transition given my current employment, but retirement is about 2 years away.
Any suggestions on how to improve my regime would be appreciated- there is so much good information on here is mind boggling!
Jessica [attachment=13280]
Actually, I meant 8/26, not 8/6....horrible typist!
Hi Jessica!
Welcome to NBE
You progress is amazing!
What ever you are doing dont stop.
I noticed your under bust measurement went from 37 to 35. are you doing any special exercise or on any diets?
You also should look at 36" band bras and you might find a better fit.

I retired in June and its the best thing I have ever done. You'll love it.
Hi Happy,
My weight has stayed basically the same, as has my physical activity. I can only attribute it to what I've been taking.
36 bands are too tight, at least the ones I've tried on.
Yea, I think all here will agree its a challenge to find a god fitting bra.
Nice growth .....your looking really good.
Hello and welcome!! I have to agree with Bobbi, what you're doing seems to be working out very well for you! Your results look pretty amazing. Bras are a pain, I have yet to find the right calculator that gives accurate information. I would have thought a 36 would have also been a better fit. If you're almost filling a 38B then the sister size to that would be a 36C. Have you tried a 36C to see how it fits?
I haven't tried a 36c. I have a 36b , but the band too tight. Would a 36c be bigger in the Band?
Also thanks everyone for their kind words!
Your areola look super feminine. Very symmetrical and natural looking breasts.
Looking very good indeed.Smile
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