Breast Growth For Genetic Males

Full Version: Found an astonishing product and am completely sold by it ! Breast growth , finally !
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Finally I'm experiencing what can be called breast growth after I was so scared and desperate that I would never experience the soreness from the beginning again . I'm thrilled as hell .

I was worrying that the initial Pueraria Mirifica I took would not be sufficient for me to experience breast growth . Lucky me Siam Natural released their new product called NuTransX and thus I decided to give this a go but didn't stop my Estradiol prescribed by a doctor . My transition is too important for me to take the leap into something completely unknown . So I decided to take the capsules at night after my Estradiol already bound to it's target receptors . This board helped me to read that Collagen and Proteins are two very important energy sources as well .

I have now been taking TransNuX from Siam Natural since three weeks and I'm finally getting growth again after I thought I was completely grown out . Flat that was for me .

I will keep you all updated about my progress with this but for now I'm going to enjoy my little success with this .

Two other awesome " side effects " I experienced were butt growth and pain in the hips due to hip bone growth . I was still going through puberty appearently .
Sometimes one would think all those alternative remedies out there are bull shit and the only way to experience success would be bio identical Estradiol but I'm glad that I can say that I was wrong .

Of course your mileage my vary as that is with everything but I just found it would be useful to share this with you all looking into growth without prior responses to other treatments .

TransNuX is thrice as strong as normal Pueraria Mirifica so definitely don't overdose yourself ! I am taking two caps a day .

Thought it might be useful by sharing the link with you :

May the booby fairy be with you !
I'm going to check at JanetsCloset for a few nice satin bra's since I will finally be able to fill out one Smile

Elissa .
Ah, an interesting read! And good for you, being careful and healthy and respecting your body.
Btw, medically, puberty lasts until age in a lot of medical systems. Here, people see a pediatrician until age 21. As far as what I learned, women don't fully mature until age 26 or so and men don't fully build all their bone density until age 35 or something.
Anyway, good luck, good health, and Amen to the booby fairy's blessings! Smile