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Full Version: How difficult is it to disguise large breast implants?
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I'm considering getting large breast implants, aiming for a DD cup. From my understanding of implants, that'll likely equate to +/- 650cc implants. I'm curious to know, with somewhat loose fitting clothes and a tight bra or wrap, would it be possible to make them discreet?

Reason why I ask is because I don't intend on identifying as female immediately after the surgery, if at all. I work in a business casual environment and will likely be promoted into a position that requires a more professional appearance by the time I'm ready to have the surgery.

For sake of reference, I'm 6"1' and currently 229lbs (hoping to drop to 200ish when I'm ready for implants). I attached a picture of myself from a few years back that's right around my target weight for frame of reference.
I'm sorry to say, from your photo, I'd estimate it to be impossible.
However: you look somewhat feminine.
Why not look to make a clean break? Promotion is immediate following surgery. Use enhancers if necessary in the build-up to the promo, so it's not a visual shock.
Or, just transition socially at that time. "ManPear" is gone on last day (before surgery), and "WoManPear" starts the new role in management.

Does that make sense? Is it possible?

Second thought, though: On a Yahoo group, there is a contributor who has DD implants. He works as a nurse, and the breasts are quite evident. No one seems to care. He also is quite male, visually. So it's possible to "DILLIGAF" it ("Do I Look Like I Give A F*ck?") and manage.

The thought I have is, you don't seem to have a big chest at this point. Hence the "build-up" I suggested, if you can't socially transition to presenting as a woman.

BTW - a bra WILL be necessary.

(Yahoo group was TSDoItYourselfHormones group, I think, and Manboobs (?) might have been the user ID. Join, check photos, if you can tolerate the atrocious F-up Yahoo Groups has become.)

Makes sense. I know it probably won't be possible to hide them completely, just hoping that it'll be possible to make them not noticeable and pronounced if I don't want to Tongue

I looked at TSDoItYourselfHormones and couldn't find any posts from Manboobs or anyone that got implants. Shame, I was hoping I could find a good reference.