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Full Version: stem cell injection???
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I've had this bouncing through my head for a while now... can you increase your breast size with stem cell injections? i have no idea but it makes sense to me.
More or less, yes.

There's a process in which fat is extracted via liposuction from elsewhere and then injected in the breasts after processing it, one of the processing techniques is to essentially produce as many stem cells as possible from the extraction (although it's still a pretty slim quantity of the whole injection).

I used to have a great article on this but i unfortunately can't find it, sorry.
Thanks for the information and it's fine. you confirmed that it is possible. that's all I wanted to know. i don't plan on doing it myself however. I was just curious.

I actually read about this not too long ago, although, I don't think I could see myself trying that any time soon Tongue